Style Guide

For anyone who wants to edit or add pages for this Wiki, please keep the following in mind:
1. This wiki is meant to have a general, abridged version of the rules so that people can get a good idea of what any given Strain, Skill, Profession, etc. is and how it works on a basic level, or to refresh themselves. This is NOT a place for you to copy and paste the rules word for word. If they want to read the rules, people should be looking at the rulebook. Keep your descriptions short and to the point - no unnecessary details and make sure to paraphrase, not just take words straight from the Survival Guide.
2. This wiki should not be taken as gospel for the game. It is merely a collection of player knowledge. Asking questions here can give players a good idea of how the game works, but if you have specific questions about anything or need a ruling on the mechanics you need to talk to the staff of your local game.
3. Make sure that you proofread your work and that there aren't any spelling or grammatical errors. Additionally, you want your writing to be clear and concise so that readers can easily understand what the subject of your article is about.
4. Treat each other well and remember - this is a database for a make-believe game. Don't hassle others, get into editing wars, or be excessively rude. If you start causing problems, any and all possible measures will be taken to make sure that you no longer get to participate on this wiki. Dystopia Rising has a good reputation for being an accepting and open community, and we want to build people up, not tear each other down. Be civil, and remember Wheaton's Law.
Thanks for reading, and have fun editing!