This Skill is countered by Force Barricade. While anyone can guard a doorway, it’s the truly desperate that will try to block one. It takes a certain degree of thought and effort to be able to barricade a door in a way that makes it defensible as well as extremely difficult to pass through. For every 2 Mind Points and 2 minutes that you spend roleplaying its creation, an in-game Barricade may be created. This Barricade will have a Crafts Level equal to every two points invested in its creation.

For example: If you spend 4 minutes and 4 Mind Points, you’ll wind up with a Barricade with a Crafts Level of 2. It’s important to note that a doorway should never actually be obstructed (we’d like to avoid personal injuries, and there are fire safety reasons). Also note that attacking players should never attempt to kick open or otherwise forcefully attempt entry. Instead, this Skill allows the user to affix a standard size index card to the outside of the door listing the Barricade’s Crafts Level. If players wish to add levels to the Barricade, they must repeat the crafting process to add Crafts Levels. You may attempt to add to a Barricade while it is under attack, though it should be noted it is a lot faster to tear one down than build one up.

Anyone looking to breach a Barricade must make loud knocking sounds, banging on the door with their weapons a total of 10 times, counting to 3 between each ‘assault.’ Each time this cycle is completed, the Crafts Level of the Barricade is lowered by 1. When the Crafts Level reaches zero, the Barricade is destroyed or “breached.” Once a Barricade has been breached, the doorway is open and cannot have a Barricade built on it for 10 minutes.

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