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This wikia is meant to serve as a repository of information about the Dystopia Rising zombie apocalypse live action role-playing (larp) game. Players can come here for information about locations, strains, abilities, and more.

Unless otherwise specified, this Wiki uses the Dystopia Rising Larp Survivor's Guide 2.0 as a reference for descriptions and mechanics. Additionally, this is a fan-made, somewhat abridged collection of knowledge about the game and should not be taken as an official standard. If you need clarification about any aspect of the rules, you should use the Survivor's Guide 2.0, other official publications, or a staff ruling on what is correct. For more information on the Dystopia Rising Larp Network please see their website:

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What is Dystopia Rising?Edit

Dystopia Rising began as a concept developed by Michael Pucci in 2003. He and Ashley Zdeb started the larp as a private pastime, but the game went public in 2009. Since then, the game's popularity has spread quickly, with a dozen chapters in both the United States and Canada.

The Dystopia Rising larp is a zombie apocalypse game network, with all the chapters working together to create one fictional world. The game takes place several generations after a strange illness infected nearly all of humanity, which spelled doom for our society. Riots, fires, and nuclear bombs destroyed most major cities, but nothing could stop the infection from spreading. However, all was not lost - eventually new Strains took the place of humans and began to slowly rebuild civilization. The survivors fought of hordes of undead, mutated monsters, and each other to create new settlements that serve as the basis for the game.

Although each location has its own unique setting and characters, they are all based on the same mechanics and rules. Generally, each game lasts for an entire weekend and games take place once a month, although not all locations have games year-round. These games are also fully immersive - for as long as you are there, you are expected to remain in character. There are no breaks where everyone stops playing, nor are there special areas for going out of game. Except when serving as an NPC, you are expected to interact with others as your character for the entire weekend. You can be attacked by creatures or other players at any time. This game heavily emphasizes survival.

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