As far as anyone knows, Full Dead were once the corpses of humans that died before the fall and were reanimated by the infection. They are the next closest thing to undead creatures; while they are still intelligent, they have no need to sleep, drink, or eat the way most living things do. As such, they tend to relate more to zombies than the other Strains.

Starting Stats Edit

  • Health: 20
  • Mind: 10
  • Infection: 1

Strain Requirements and Traits Edit

Full Dead tend to dress in formal attire and somber colors. Players should use makeup to make themselves appear pale and corpse-like with dark, sunken eyes. They are incredibly calm and civil. They don't move around unless they need to, and have an unnatural gaze.

Advantages Edit

The following skills are available for 3 points each:

Gnaw: Full Dead may lean over a living humanoid currently in Bleed Out and declare "Gnaw 1, Gnaw 2, Gnaw 3" slowly and clearly. This causes 1 damage and agonizing pain to the target, and the Full Dead regains 5 Health.

Legion: Full Dead can use 10 Mind and place their hand out, palm open to blend in with a horde of zombies. As long as their hand remains extended and they do not act aggressively, most zombies will ignore them. The ones who are unaffected by this will still prioritize other targets instead of the user. Using any other skill causes Legion to end.

Disadvantages Edit

One of Us: First Aide, Medical Assistance, Medical Genius, and Health restoring consumed Brews have no effect on Full Dead. Similarly, consumed or inhaled effects - whether harmful or beneficial - have no effect. Faith Healing and injected Brews can still aid or harm them.

Grave Mind: Full Dead constantly hear the undead Grave Mind, and sometimes find it hard to see undead as a threat.

Diverse Background: at character creation, a Full Dead must choose between suffering from Retrograde "Rot Face," Lascarian "Light Sensitivity," or Pure Blood "Weakness to Radiation" flaws, corresponding to backgrounds from the lower class manual laborers, the Cockney underground, or high society, respectively.