Money doesn’t grow on trees, but a few extra connections can certainly help. This Skill reflects that a person has a viable job between events; during Check In, they receive a certain amount of local currency as a reflection of their monthly income. This Skill may be purchased multiple times, up to a maximum of five, allowing for cumulative financial growth. For example, Income 1 provides 1 local currency, Income 2 provides 3 local currency, etc. This employment requires in-game roleplay where you advertise what it is that you do. Some acceptable employment examples include: scrounger, bartender, bouncer, guard, store operator, politician, gambler, pit fighter, caravan operator, farmer, fisher, entertainer, medic. (Note: While theoretically possible, openly advertising as an assassin, slaver, thief or other unsavory profession is a good way to meet local law enforcement, and it’s not likely to be for a friendly chat.) To learn this skill, you must either train yourself as a Strain Skill, or receive instruction from someone with equal or greater level of the Income Skill.

This Skill may only be used by a character at their home game.

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