AlertAnalyze CompoundAnalyze Creature
Animal HandlerAttachAvenging Angel
BarricadeBartender's TongueBay Walkers
Beg for LifeBig DigBlack Market Connections
Bless WeaponBlind FightingBlinding
Bolt ActionBomb AwarenessBounce
BowBrawlingBreak Armor
Break ShieldBreak WeaponBrew Master
BrewingBrilliant!Broken Coils
Building TomorrowCall the All MightyCarry
ChaseCheatCheck Quality
Check StatusCheck ValueCheck your Sleeves
Choking BlowChopConcentrated Fire
CookCover of NightCrop Tending
Cure ToxinsDeep PocketsDestroy Armor
Destroy ShieldDestroy WeaponDiesel Jocks
Disarming BlowDisarming ShotDisguise
Disguise ContentsDouble-TapDystopia Rising Larp Wiki
EntertainEscapeEscape Bonds
Eternal ForgeEureka!Excelsior!
Fade in a CrowdFaith HealingFearful Glare
Feign DeathFirst AideFishing
Fix LimbFlorentineForce Barricade
Forging the FutureFrightening ForceFull Dead
Gear HeadGenius!Genjian
Guild MemberGun AficionadoHead Shrink
Healthy FeastHoly RitesHotrod Junkie
Hunter's MarkImproved Armor/ ShieldImproved Pistol/ Bow/ Thrown/ Javelin
Improved WeaponIncomeInstruct
InterfereInternal HearthInterrogate
Iron FistsIron SlavesKnock Down
LiteracyLore (Type)Mangle Limb
Master CraftsmanMeaning of DeathMedical Assistance
Medical GeniusMelee Weapon, LargeMelee Weapon, Small
Melee Weapon, StandardMelee Weapon, Two HandedMelee Weapon Expert
MericansMind ResistanceMurder Most Foul
NailNation of AccensorNatural Ones
NephilimNerve PunchParry
Patch JobPick PocketsPistol Whip
Pray for JusticePrepare MealProfessions
Psionic Skill: AdvancedPsionic Skill: BasicPsionic Skill: Intermediate
Pure BloodsReclaimersRefuse
SailingScatter ShotScrounge
Semper MortServant of IronSever
ShieldSkill ListSkills
SmeltSniped ShotSociety Membership
StrainsTake DownTeach
Techno SaventThe ChangeThe Outside Chance
The Red StarThrowingThrowing, Javelins
Tie BondsTortureTrade Ties
TranscribeTrap MakingUnlock
VanishWeldWide Strike