Before the fall, the upper echelons of society had more then enough power and resources to stay on top, and not much changed after the fall. Pure Bloods came from rich families who sequestered themselves away in private bunkers to survive. Once the chaos was over and new civilizations started to rise, they used their control and influence to once again place themselves on top. They fastidiously maintain their bloodlines and indulge in symbols of riches and opulence from the pre-fall world. Their politics are complicated and rarely discussed in the presence of other Strains, but no one is in doubt over their social and business skills.

Starting Stats Edit

  • Health: 6
  • Mind: 12
  • Infection: 3

Strain Requirements and Traits Edit

Pure Bloods must dress in eccentric clothing that suggests high style and riches. They favor using lots of colors instead of monochromatic color schemes, with lots of makeup and jewelry. Whether or not they are in their family's good graces, lineage is still very important. Greed, pride in the family name, and networking skills are all valued by Pure Bloods.

Advantages Edit

The following skills are available for 3 points each:

Investment: all Pure Bloods receive one additional credit for each level of Income they have.

Disadvantages Edit

Weakness to Radiation: most Pure Bloods are incredibly paranoid about exposure to radiation contaminating their bloodlines, so they avoided even mild exposure after the fall. As a result they haven't built up a resistance to it the way other Strains have, and all damage to armor or health by radiation causes them to lose the same amount of Mind.

Peacocks: if a Pure Blood isn't wearing at least 4 different visible colors, elaborate jewelry, and/or extensive makeup, Charisma costs double for the underdressed Pure Blood, as does using Refuse against the Charisma of other Pure Bloods.

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