When the apocalypse hit, most people banded together with those like them for survival, seeking safety in numbers. Not so with the Remnants, who are less a true strain and more the leftovers who don't quite belong with anyone else. Remnants hail from a wide variety of places, cultures, and heritages, making them incredibly diverse but also sometimes very lonely. Sometimes they are members born to a strain that don't fit in with their fellows, like an inhospitable Rover, a Retrograde that doesn't appear rotten, or a Natural One who likes technology. Other times, they have mixed heritage from two or more strains. In either case, they don't have any of the benifits or disadvantages from their parent strains.

Starting StatsEdit

  • Health: 5
  • Mind: 5
  • Infection: 6

Strain Requirements and TraitsEdit

Because of their diversity, Remnants don't have one particular form of dress or something that stands out which they all share. They often have minor physical mutations or mental abnormalities. Any rare origins or extreme mutations must have staff approval before game. There aren't any hardfast rules about the appearance of a Remnant, except that they can't have the unique physical traits from other Strains (ex: glow like Iron Slaves, rotted like Retrogrades, etc.).


Dabbler: Remnants start with two professions instead of one at character creation.


Rootless: Remnants don't get any Strain Skills and cannot self-teach.

Love Me: because they crave acceptance, all Remnants must join an organized faith as soon as possible when they start play. They tend to put in extra effort to make sure they are recognized by other members of their religion, but not to any extremes. If they aren't baptized into a faith by their sixth game event, they lose any benefits or skills gained through their second Profession until they are baptized. Only events played as the Remnant count toward this deadline - missed games or games played as a different character do not.

If a remnant leaves their faith at a later point for any reason, they are marked with "Crisis of Faith" on their player sheet. They then have five games (including the one where their faith was lost) to join another religion or they lose the benefits of their second Professon.

This disadvantage never effects a third Profession. It doesn't affect Advanced Professions unless the second Profession is a prerequisite, in which case they also lose the Skills and benefits of that profession until they regain use of the second Profession.

Not like the others: Remnants can't have the unique physical appearance traits specific to other strains (red glow, rotted faces, angelic traits, etc.).