MP Cost: 5

This skill is countered by Avoid or Bounce. Standard firearms don’t fire nearly as fast in this day and age. But with skill, and a fast hand fanning the hammer, a trained Gun Slinger can fire so quickly that it seems like all of the bullets are fired at once. With this skill, the user may spend 5 Mind Points and gesture at up to six targets within three steps. Those six targets immediately receive the damage or skill effect declared with this action, though targets may use defensive skills as normal. For sakes of unique weapon and skill effect, each of the 6 shots are considered their own individual attack. As an example munitions, Gizmos, and skills that only effect 1 shot will only be in effect for the first shot, while munitions, Gizmos, and effects that last for a duration of time or at least 6 shots will strike all targets. Munition, Gizmos, and effects may not be added or swapped out part way through a use of scatter shot.

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