Groups that were already insular and used to equally allocating limited resources among their members didn't have to change their lifestyle much for the apocalypse. The Red Star live in groups called cells, where all adults are equals, supplies and property are communal, and children are raised by the entire group. Red Star individuals always strive to put the cell's needs over their own and reject monetary systems that they view as unnecessary and disruptive to their strict egalitarianism.

Starting StatsEdit

  • Health: 6
  • Mind: 6
  • Infection: 6

Strain Requirements and TraitsEdit

The Red Star wear darker colors and modest clothing that doesn't attract much attention to their figures. Usually prefer red and black, but sometimes use military drab green when it's too hot out for black. To outsiders they are stern and direct, but show a softer side to other Red Star. They live in communes where they share all their property and decide everything as a group. In emergencies they might apoint a single leader, but much like in ancient Rome this person steps down from power as soon as the  crisis is over. They have no exclusive relationships; instead all the adults in the cell are part of a polygamist setup for procreative purposes. Jealousy and rivalry that result from monogamous romantic relationships are deemed harmful to the unity of the cell, and are highly frowned upon.


The following skills are available for 3 points each:

Collective Pride: members of Red Star cells are fiercely loyal to each other, and no effects (including becoming a zombie) can ever force them to attack or betray their fellow Red Star.


Reject Free Enterprise: Reds reject capitalism, and therefore cannot accept or use any forms of currency.

Opiate of the Masses: Reds never follow a faith and cannot have the following professions:

  • Caravan Driver
  • Charlatan
  • Entertainer
  • Gambler
  • Priest

Additionally, Red Star cannot receive benefits of faith-based skills (ex: Call the All Mighty, Faith Healing, etc.).

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